What's the best way to ensure my high quality shirt stays high quality?

Care Instructions: 

To ensure longevity and quality on the custom designed shirts/onesies please wash inside out on delicate on cold. Hang to dry if possible. If the lettering/design on shirt starts to peel, place a piece of parchment paper and iron for 20 seconds. 

Are you thinking what the heck, why would I order such high maintenance items? No worries, I like never do these things because you know I can redo them in like 2 seconds, well more like half hour if were being totally honest, that's besides the point... Anyways the upkeep is really simple I honestly don't get to carried away the whole delicate, hang to dry blah blah and the shirts stay in really good shape so don't fret, you're still covered. However don't say I didn't suggest that if you really wanted to be super careful with your beloved clothes I at least gave you instructions on how to do so! Much love to you!


What size should I order?

I understand fully that all of my awesome customers come in different shapes and sizes! I try to leave as much detail as possible about the different products in their product description. If I ever don't include my personal synopsis or it doesn't state that in the description don't be afraid to ask me by contacting me at my e-mail shopthewest.contact@gmail.com. I will respond within 24 hours!





Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

Applicable sales tax will be added automatically to your order if appropriate based on your shipping location. If you do not see sales tax added to your order amount at checkout then you will not be charged sales tax.

How do I apply a gift card code or a promo code at checkout?

When you get to the Checkout screen, go to Order Summary and enter the applicable code in the text box that says "Gift Card or Discount Code".

Where in the heck is my order confirmation?

Yaaassssss! You made the leap to get your amazing, one of kind, handmade items! But that dang pesky spam folder is holding your order confirmation hostage. If you don't see it right after submitting an order - check the spam, mark it as legit and your golden!